Thursday, 30 June 2011


Out of all the avant garde designers I've come across, my undoubted favourite has got to be British born Gareth Pugh.

Pugh's design aesthetic is unmistakable; from his signature monochromatic palette, use of volume and shape to distort the human form, and  his use of unusual materials such as perspex, synthetic hair, inflated PVC 'balloons' and parachute silk.

His previous collections have been truly avant garde, with his pieces resembling architectural sculpture more than clothing. Which may be the reason he has toned down his style as of late. Pugh said himself that despite the critical acclaim of his shows, he had yet to achieve commercial success...Which may have led him to produce more wearable and practical collections.

Here are some of his early 'contemporary' pieces.

With a league of celebrity fans including Gaga, Beyonce and Minogue, Pugh has obviously struck gold with his more recent collections!

His sleeker, ready-to-wear collections are still undoubtedly Pugh, although he is playing it a lot more safe. I'm glad to see a lot of his signature design aesthetics are still in place though, such as embossed leather, elaborate weaves, fish-scale like armour and a strict colour palette of black/white/grey/gold

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