Monday, 27 February 2012


When it comes to fashion, It’s easy to take it a little too seriously sometimes. Yeah, fashion and clothing is exciting...but it always seems a bit...well, for lack of a better word, serious! God knows why, I mean with so many designers out there creating such eye-watering collections, you’d expect more of them to be a little less grown-up and a little more playful. Fortunately, there is one designer who constantly reminds me that fashion should be fun, with each offering riddled with the kind of tongue-in-cheek energy you'd only expect from a true rascal of fashion.

I am of course talking about the notoriously Technicolor Jeremy Scott. Whenever I see Scott’s work, I can't help but giggle to myself. On paper his designs shouldn't work...but somehow, in reality, it works every time. Early on in his career he began with a much more muted palette, creating a new sub-genre of street wear: an urban style that screamed in the face of convention that little bit louder than the rest. Today, his work maintains its original 'F*ck you mainstream' aesthetic, but has grown into dare I say, a mainstream brand? He has managed to create a fashion rebellion that even the most mundane of dressers would commit murder to wear. And with just about every celebrity of the moment being photographed in JS, many of which are A-list heavy weights, it’s unsurprising that he has reached such stellar heights. Stars such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Kanye West are just some of his celeb friends who can’t seem to get enough, and with endorsements such as these, It’s no wonder his collections are now some of the most eagerly anticipated of the season.

Scott’s imagination is completely unrestrained, the characters he creates are so outlandish and dripping in that much colour, it’s often hard to believe you’re not looking at a cartoon. Delving into the JS archives is like falling into the world’s most impressive dressing up box. So far we’ve had: The Flintstones, Fetish wear, American football, Geisha, Butterflies, Fast food, Musical Instruments, Cowboys and work men to name but a few!

Collaborating with sportswear brand Adidas gained him yet another legion of fans. Not only does he re-imagine those iconic tri stripes, but he also creates footwear too. I mean, let’s face it…what else could you put on your feet to do a Jeremy Scott outfit justice?! His ‘teddy’ and ‘wings’ shoes have divided the fashion world however…some say they’re ‘too much’, but since when has that stopped Mr Scott?

JS has then gone on to lampoon the accessories market, with high profile collaborations with big names such as Linda Farrow and Swatch. It comes as no surprise that his eye and wrist wear is in as high a demand as his white hot threads. So basically, JS now needs to team up with New Era and he’s got everything covered: The top, middle and bottom. When It comes to JS, there’s no such thing as overkill. I’m not even joking…I really do hope a New Era collaboration is in the pipeline…I mean, wing hats? Hello??

Jeremy Scott has got almost everything covered at the moment…but what could possibly be next from this bad kid of clothing? With the brands twists and turns, your guess is as good as mine. One thing’s for sure though: Buckle up your seatbelts and expect the unexpected…It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

‘’In a way, as fashion designers we dictate fashion. But I think of it as I ‘propose’ fashion, personally. I propose this idea and people can take from it, for them. I’m just constantly trying to make new exciting items and new exciting things to propose for people…just keeping the volume turned up’’ Well Jeremy…we hear you loud and clear. And we ACCEPT.

Saturday, 18 February 2012


With London Fashion Week kicking off with the mightiest of bangs, It's safe to say that It's set to be one of the biggest and brightest to date. But before I delve into the pile of home-grown talent...I need to share one of my favourite collections from NYFW.

The infamous Blonds never fail to put on a show-stopping performance. Their collections are camp, sexy and provocative, reigniting that classic siren beauty that has somehow been lost in fashion today. Every collection is heavily themed and inspired also, whether its the 60's playboy bunny or the Chinese new year...But with the instantly recognisable blond aesthetic running throughout. Think OTT spikes with jewels and crystals the size of your fist and you're on the right track!

Their AW12/13 offering pushed ALL my buttons...with a bit of a fetish for studs and spikes, there's no way I wouldn't love it...but add punk and motorbike gang influences and I'm in L-O-V-E.

The Blonds did just that: All out punk inspired anarchy. The girls slammed their way down the runway oozing with attitude, wearing deliciously ludicrous motorbike helmets complete with 5' ponytails of course. As far as cut and structure go, they didn't really offer anything new. But to be honest, who cares? With out of this world embellishments and detailing such as this, It really doesn't matter.

I was impressed by their use of prints this season too...chains, spikes and rhinestones where screen printed and then crafted into biker jackets, jumpsuits and dresses...bringing the rebellious theme a little more down to earth and, well, 'Ready-to-wear'.

Not to be left out, a few Blond boys made an appearance too...with one in particular catching my attention...well the jacket he was wearing...Bright. Red. Fur. Biker jacket. Words can't express how IN LOVE I AM. Phenomenal!

here are my favourites from the show for you to salivate over...enjoy!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

V I V I D NeoNs

Dress - Michael Kors, Ankle Boots - Alexander Mcqueen, Handbag - ChloĆ©, Earrings - Shourouk E, Glasses - Karen Walker


Turtle neck - Missoni, Cropped jacket - Thierry Mugler, Heel - Jill Stuart, Amethyst ring - Adina mills
Scarf - Vivienne Westwood, Satchel - New Look, Blusher - Illamasqua, Nail polish - Chanel


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Once again Jeremy Scott has blown me away with yet another technicolour wet-dream! Mr Scott never fails to deliver the kind of show you need sunglasses to watch, and a sense of humour to appreciate.

With this rainbow infested collection, JS seems to have taken inspiration from the 90's: The multicoloured club scene, the computer boom and the 70's inspired fashion of the era.

As always, pop culture plays a major role in Scott's inspiration...And being the big kid that he is, the motifs this time round are My Little Pony, the 'Smiley' and Bart Simpson, which admittedly do all scream 90's!

There is definitely something for everyone in this collection; biker jackets, figure hugging dresses, knitwear, foil embellished gowns, metallic kilts, fur coats, leggings...well you get the idea, there's a lot going on! I love this aspect of JS shows, there's so much detail that it's hard to take it all in at once, and to appreciate the genius of it all, you need to view more than once!

Despite my love for this collection, I've got to admit...He isn't really bringing anything new to the table...A lot of it we have seen in previous collections, just altered slightly. I'd like to see him branch out a little...It feels like he knows what he can do well and is just sticking with it. Take some risks Mr. Scott! Saying that though, I do ADORE the rainbow hair cape!!

Here are my favourites anyway for you to decide for yourself!

You can view the entire collection over at


Monday, 6 February 2012


The world is in a frenzy right now following Madonna's stunning mid time performance for the 111th superbowl...And rightly so!

The fashion world was at the edge of its seat in anticipation as to who and what Madge would be wearing, and she certainly didn't disappoint!

In typical Madonna fashion, she was carried onto the field on an Egyptian style throne, in a stunning crystal and spike encrusted Givenchy haute couture floor length cape. Complete with one of the most breath taking head pieces I've EVER seen, courtesy of the extremely talented Phillip Treacy. Her Madgesty pulled no punches in reclaiming her 'Queen of Pop' status, singing 'Vogue' whilst her gladiatorial dancers flocked around her. 

The dancers themselves looked amazing, wearing Roman-esque outfits teamed with Jeremy Scott shoes or gold Dr. Martens. Many of the dancers also had masks, headpieces (also by Treacy) along with ornate epaulettes...It really was a breathtaking opening to the show!

Madonna was then joined onstage by LMFAO as she lost the gold gown and crown, revealing a black minidress and gold studded gladiator skirt, also by Givenchy, that was VERY Versace...And I mean VERY...Regardless, I love it!

The gladiator dancers left the stage to usher on a group of cheerleaders, along with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. Both Minaj and M.I.A wore black, red and gold cheerleader inspired outfits, complete with gold pom-poms of course! Minaj and M.I.A's looks where completed with Erickson Beamon headdress's...For me the headdresses in this show NAILED IT!

For the final segment Madonna wore a floorlength black coat that was yes, again, courtesy of Givenchy. which I must admit was a bit reserved and, dare I say plain?! Yes, It is beautiful...but to start the show with a bang, I maybe expected it to end in the same way?

Anyway, overall the show was a fashion triumph! Checkout the video below!