Saturday, 16 June 2012


Of all the menswear collections to be debuted in London this week, It was undoubtedly the Sibling show I was most excited to see.

I've been following the work of Sibling for a while now and they never fail to exceed all expectations. With an ever changing aesthetic and keen eye for upcoming trends, these guys are way ahead in the knitwear game (Just the way we like it!)

The collection as a whole has a very sports lux feel, a surprising move considering past collections have been  more pop art then track and field...Many pieces this time around have a more couture feel to them also, especially the pieces with acrylic scaling and fringe details, a welcome addition in what seems like a more mature collection. Sibling has grown up! 

The fresh palette of white and metallics, which just a dash of colour, is a completely new direction for Sibling to go in...We've come to expect kaleidoscopic knits, so it just goes to show you never what you're going to get with these guys... 

The addition of matching pants are a winner too! LOVE the all black ensemble! <3

Check the show below, as well as some stills of my favourite pieces! 

Friday, 18 May 2012


If like me you've ever had a stroll through the markets of Camden, there's a good chance you will have stumbled upon 'The Happy Shack'. Located in the Stables part of ol' Camden town, it's a veritable goldmine of customised fashion, kitsch jewellery and wonderfully tacky accessories.

Safe to say my visit to the shack left an impression...I've been keeping up to date with the Shacks creator, Philip Normal and it's safe to say he's  been a BUSY boy: Not only with keeping the HS full of spiky neon goodies, but also launching

Founded by the technicolour Philip and his fellow moustache aficionado friend Alexandre Pollazon, 6000A.D sets out to bring together all that is bright, fun and contemporary in fashion today. The duo's goal is to create a new shopping experience: a fashion oasis amongst what can be a very bland and desolate wasteland of apparel.

And that's EXACTLY what 6000A.D is!

The site is home to a whole heap of kaleidoscopic fashion from many well known brands, as well as some lesser known names...offering people a chance to invest in pieces that will start conversations and get them noticed for ALL the right reasons

I'm a big fan of Jean Charles De Castelbajac, Tatty Devine and Linda Farrow already and having such an eclectic mix is rare in the online boutique game...and obviously, It's always a treat being introduced to brands I hadn't come across yet such as Horace and Andrea Cammarosano (Love at first sight!)

6000A.D caters for both men and women, and all budgets too...So you have absolutely no excuse, throw on your shades and check out these beauties...

Leopard Poncho - Belle Sauvage

'Germ' Tee - Horace

Chain Tank - Andrea Cammarosano

Parakeet Necklace - Tatty Devine

Bomber Jacket - Agi and Sam

Caesar sunglasses - Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


German born superstylist Nadja Mara Brvar is responsible for some of the SLICKEST fashion editorials around at the moment...Seriously jaw dropping stuff.

Nadja has the ability to combine multiple trends seamlessly, creating some truely outrageous ensembles that are just enough OTT to grab your attention with both claws...But still chic enough to make ANY girl wanna slip straight into them.

Here is my favourite editorial of hers so far...It's ticked all my 'must haves': Gothic, Glamorous, Edgy and HAIRIFFIC! (Yeah, totally in love with the Rapunzel weave!)

Check out the images had me drooling, below...Be sure to visit Nadja's too!

Photography:  Lina Tesch
Model:  Natalia L @ Modelwerk
Hair/Make up:  Anne Henrichsen 
Styling:  Nadja Mara Brvar

Thursday, 26 April 2012


As some of you may not know, as well as running PAR...I also write for From Dusk 2 Dawn magazine! Contributing to the online version as well as the printed edition...

Well here is a digital copy of my FIRST printed article, all about the vintage shops here in my home town of Nottingham, UK!

Read it here: From Dusk 2 Dawn Summer 2012

My article is on page 29! <3

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Following on from the AMAZING AW12 collection 'Lucid Disorder', Asger Juel Larsen released these stunning images showcasing his work.

The futuristic and romantic theme of the collection is ramped up a couple hundred notches with the use of androgynous models and a snowy Russian-esque backdrop. Oooft!

Check them out below...And also, in case you missed it, here's PAR's review of the full collection!

Saturday, 21 April 2012


The Autumn/Winter collection from designer Asger Juel Larsen is a dystopic and sophisticated dream...Where the sophisticated man is flung far into the future; where clothing becomes militarised, industrial yet very neo-chic. Somehow Larsen has managed to combine the Russian aristocrat staples of peacoats and soviet fur hats, with  the oversized knits and relaxed cuts of the Russian peasent.

It's not often I see a full collection from a designer and think ''I need it all'' But with this collection I really did! Every look has a slightly different feel to it, with noticeable influences throughout...There's something very East London in some of the outfits, especially the red velvet ensemble. Whereas there is a definite Japanese streetstyle in the dropcrotch trousers and zipped tops. This mixture of urban cultural influences with classic Russian design is a definite winner.

I love Larsens use of shape throughout this collection...The subtle exaggeration of the shoulders in the jackets and excess fabric in the pants gives a futuristic feel that is BANG on trend for AW12...The use of buttery leather, velvet and wool also gives a much needed softer element...Without the rich textures I think the collection would be too harsh!

Check out these images from the runway show as well as the official website!