Monday, 19 March 2012


American designer Becca Mccharen's label 'Chromat' has completely blown me away with these pieces from her SS12 collection...Using architectural-inspired caging to create underwear and outerwear is a definite winner in my eyes!

Mccharen has taken her background in architecture and obsession with scaffolding to another level of fashion design, extracting the internal components of garment construction such as boning and zips and placing them on the outside. Inspired!

With this Mccharen is able to create astonishing silhouettes that distort the female form, giving the wearer a completely different shape. I LOVE that you can still see the shape of the wearer through the frames of the pieces, retaining that sexiness but creating the illusion of a second 'shape'.

Mccharen's underwear pieces are very architectural too, but sleeker and more harness-like for obvious reasons...

The inspiration for the SS12 collection was ''cartoons, female superheros and villains and distorted disney characters'' Which is evident in the headpieces especially, as well as the use of polka dots and vivid colours. With inspiration such as this, there's no way I wouldn't!

Check out these pieces from the collection, be sure to check out the official website too!

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Gareth Pugh is one of my all time favourite designers of all time. Every season he manages to blow me away a little bit more, to the point where I don't think It's possible for him to impress me any-more...Well that was last season.

This season, he's blown me away. Again.

I've now come to expect the best from Pugh: A dark, visceral and futuristic collection that pulls no punches...This time round though he is progressive as ever, but with a somewhat regressive slant...

Many of the looks remind me of hunter-gather/expedition clothing...the boot covers and furs that would be necessary in extreme cold are given a futuristic look in silvers and blacks, both matte and glossy. How someone can make a somewhat primitive look so futuristic is beyond me...pure genius!

The models looked like dystopic, yet decadent warrior-ettes, stalking down the catwalk...

The movement of the fur, along with the exaggerated shapes of the hem lines, arms, shoulders and collars are stunning...It always surprises me to see these softer, fluid elements in a Pugh collection...his trademark architectural cuts and stiff shapes work so well alongside the fur and tassels, he ought to use them outside his AW collections!

I will admit though...a couple of the pieces are VERY similar to Mcqueen pieces from a couple of seasons ago, both in shape and materials used. I'll leave you to decide which!

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Sunday, 4 March 2012


Now I know I always blog about jewellery and accessories composed of bones 'n' guts...but seeing as you're reading this, I'll assume It's your love of anatomical fashion that lead you to this page! If that's the case then sit back, relax and feast your beady eyes on these...

For once I'm bringing you Jewellery that is completely veggie it is alllll made from polyurethane! (thats plastic btw) Completely gorgeous and guilt free accessories...composed entirely of BONE. YES!

It's all a bit Caveman/Apocalypto/Ted Bundy (Just how I like my Axc's) and I especially love how simple it all is...there are little or no embellishments, just the bare necessities.

These pieces are NOT for the faint of heart however...There's nothing subtle about them, and you'd need to seriously plan an outfit to pull them off...but if done well they'd look phenomenal!

Anyway here are my favourites from the latest collection...hop over to their site to see the rest of the pieces, or even snag some for yourself! They're actually really well priced!