Sunday, 31 July 2011


Brace yourselves...for what has got to be the most breath-taking chair ever created!

I give you, The Octopus Chair.

As part of an on-going project, Riera aims to create a series of biologically accurate chairs based on different animals, such as The Octopus, the rhino, the Lion, The Beetle, The Whale and The Walrus.

Creating furniture such as this is a new venture for Riera, who's previous work has been focused in the mediums of photography, abstract painting and sculpture.

At the moment, their is little information on these chairs available online...HOWEVER, you can purchase the Octopus Chair from, as long as you have a spare £35,000!

Keep your eyes peeled, because as soon as details on the next chair are made available, I'll be posting about It!

If you'd like to see Riera's other work, have a gander at his site

Saturday, 30 July 2011


German born designer Bernhard Willhelm has been at the top of his game for many years now, creating what are in my eyes some of the most exciting and free-thinking collections to hit the catwalks of recent years.

Willhelms bold approach to printing, coupled with his kaleidoscopic use of colour conjours images of futuristic neo-tribes...the OTT nature of his pieces shouldn't work all thrown together, but somehow, it always does.

For his AW11/12 collection, Willhelm has gone to an extreme with the use of colour, a brave progression from the muted pastels used in his SS11 collection...I love that he chose bright colours for winter, and muted shades for summer, its something you don't often see!

His latest collection will certainly get you noticed during the cold winter months, especially if you emulate the models in his ad campaign. Layering digital print dresses with clashing techno printed socks, along with huge knitted jumpers that look like they where made by your 90 year old blind grandmother (they look awkward, but still amazing!)

The style of the collection overall is very reminiscent of past Vivienne Westwood Gold and Red label collections, and its not surprising to learn that this is probably due to his internship with her. Despite his obvious inspiration, the collection is still typically Willhelm: Against the grain, forward thinking and very tongue in cheek.

Here are a few of my favourite looks from the AW11/12 collection...and I've got to say, I LOVE these shots! They're bursting with energy, and the whole thing looks like It was a blast to shoot...Another nice change to see: sullen models looking dressed wearing such amazing clothes gets very old very fast!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Allow me to introduce you to the audaciously creative photographer and visual artist, Nik Pate.

Nik's work is meticulous in detail, OTT with style and jam packed with character, with each shot telling a complete story. I LOVE the 'In your face' nature of his work, a visual assault that makes it difficult for your eyes to focus on one spot! You literally don't know where to look first!

Despite the business of the scenes, his work never seems overcrowded or cluttered. Instead the components of each shot complement each other, building up a fantastical image that only a maniac could come up with. Nik's work is fresh, imaginative and fun, and it's clear that he refuses to take himself seriously. Although his work is very tongue-in-cheek, often with b-movie inspired imagery...There is often a darker undertone to his work, an aspect that I hope will manifest fully in future shoots!

Nik could never be called a 'one trick pony', as his scope of work is impressive to say the least. Not only can he create mind-blowing landscapes, but he can also take the often mundane 'headshot' and create something amazing. Whether it's adding insects to the model, exaggerating the proportions of limbs or using avant garde accessories, Nik never fails to deliver an exciting photo. This guy DOES NOT do boring!

So it is with great pleasure that I can reveal a NIK PATE EXCLUSIVE! Earlier today Nik himself was kind enough to share with me an archived series titled 'Monsteropolis': An eyegasmic tale of alien invasion, zombie plagues and a struggle between good 'n' evil that would make any Hollywood producer proud.

You can delve into the Aladdins cave that is his past work over at his official website, definitely one to 'favourite' kids...This rascal is set to be HUGE.

You can follow the Nik's escapades on his NEW official twitter page

If twitter's not your thing though, you can also follow him on

Monday, 25 July 2011


For the last 50 years, the world of Barbie has been drenched in perfection. A perfect world of summer houses, sports cars, high fashion and the body perfect. Artist Mariel Clayton uses Barbies world however, to depict macabre and violent scenes, scenes that you would never expect such a 'perfect' girl to be in.

Barbie has certainly been busy...As well as being an astronaught, teacher, stewardess, princess and doctor, Barbie can now add murderer, sexual deviant, unsuitable mother and psycho to her long list of occupations.

Clayton uses Barbie as an unusual but effective medium, to comment on many of the darker aspects of today's society. To use a well known doll in such a way I think is a brave move; To some It could seem ingenious, but to others It could seem contrived with nothing but the intention of being controversial for being controversial's sake.

However you feel about her work, It is undoubtedly clever, and her attention to detail in every scene is impeccable. For obvious reasons, some of her picture's I could not have on the blog, but those I have included that are quite dark, I feel are quite tongue in cheek and retain a certain sense of fun!

You can see a lot more of Clayton's work over at her website

Friday, 8 July 2011


Today a friend introduced me to the work of Netherlands born artist Erwin Olaf, and I was instantly hooked...having spent the last two hours drooling over his archive.

His scope of work is beyond impressive, his style of work being intensely dark and the way In which he tackles taboo subjects through his lens is controversial, yet deeply compelling. His work is undeniably stunning, and I love the way in which he takes what should be horrific or abhorrent subjects, and makes them into something beautiful. Olaf Is able to see beyond the strict aesthetics of his subjects, and somehow captures what Is behind the subject, an underlying atmosphere that many photographers are unable to catch.

My favourite series of his though has got to be 'Royal Blood', In which he has photographed members of royalty throughout history who have died in less then conventional ways. The portraits are stunningly beautiful, despite the knife wounds, bullet holes and blood splatter!

To view more of this brilliant photographers archive, visit Also got a whole lotta love for the 'Dusk' and 'Dawn' Series'!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


There are few milliners out their that can create as much of a stir as the amazingly talented Piers Atkinson. I've got an awful lot of admiration for this man, and have yet to come across anyone else who pushes boundaries as far.

Atkinson has collaborated with some big names such as Noki, Ashish, Ashley Isham and even Topshop, as well as being commissioned by Paloma Faith, Cate Blanchett and Lady Gaga.

Atkinson's free-thinking attitude to headgear Is controversial, subversive and humorous. Each collection has its own personality and theme running throughout, with each piece being more awe-inspiring then the next!

My personal favourite is 'The Mouse that roars' collection, with each hat being a take on the infamous Mickey mouse ears, however Ive also got a lot of love for the deformed Barbie pieces!

Here are a few of my favourites, you can access the full archive of Atkinson's work over at his website.