Monday, 31 October 2011


Delfina Delettrez, jewellery designer extraordinaire is creating some of the most luxurious jewellery out their at the moment. Her playful style and uninhibited approach to design makes her pieces stand out from the crowd and instantly recognisable.

Using skulls, bumble bee's, jewels and misshapen pearls frequently in her pieces, Delettrez takes these familiar design motifs  and combines them in new and extravagant ways.

It may come as no surprise to learn that Delettrez is no novice when It comes to design, as a fourth generation member of the world-renowned Fendi family. Not one to follow suit, she went it alone and instead of joining the family business, formed her own self titled label back in 2007 and shortly presented her first collection at famed Parisian boutique, 'Colette'.

Since then Delettrez has gone from strength to strength, with her pieces being snapped up left, right and centre and appearing in just about every fashion magazine out there!

Here are a few of my favourite pieces that are currently available from her website

Saturday, 15 October 2011


I know, I know...The Maison Martin Margiela AW11/12 collection dropped many months ago, but I think it definitely deserves a blog post!

Margiela, undoubtedly one of the greatest couture avant-gardists to have ever lived, is well known for his extravagantly OTT creations...despite having previously designed for the likes of  Hermès and Gaultier. His signature combination of de-constructed garments, unconventional materials and exaggerated proportions has earned him notoriety in the fashion world, as well as a league of celebrity fans.

The 'Artisanal' AW11/12 collection has got to be my favourite show to date...the colour, cut, shape and texture of every piece is a sumptuous feast for the eyes...Unconventional down to every last stitch: A COMPLETE triumph!

Using plastic, Liberty print fabric, leather, feathers, ribbon and flowers, Margiela created stunning silhouettes unlike anything else on the runway that season...This is avant-garde couture at its finest!

Below are my favourite pieces from the collection...You can also see Margiela's previous work, for both men and women over at his official site

Thursday, 13 October 2011


For those of you, (like me) who love their fashion to have a macabre twist, I've got something that may just get you going...

'Bones and Feather collective'  have released a collection of jewellery composed of teeth and bones, that are gruesome in their aesthetic, but undoubtedly beautiful at the same time!

You may be surprised however to hear that all of the pieces are made from recycled bullet casings...a surprising material to use for a jewellery collection, but it works.

I have yet to find anything else like these online, with the vintage and DIY look of each piece putting a definite twist on a popular design trend.

I love the statement that this collection 'may' be making...jewellery created from a a material that is in abundance, post war that emulates body parts...goes to show that something beautiful can be found in everything, and can be created from anything, no matter how twisted it may seem.

You can see more work from this brand, as well as follow their blog over at

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


The AW11 collection from Ziad Ghanem was a romantically macabre triumph, which understandably earned him a standing ovation from the fashion elite who where lucky enough to witness this amazing show unfold...

Titled 'Never end, never end, never end', Ghanem drew inspiration from the cult horror video game series 'Silent Hill', a twisted story of ghost towns and nightmare creatures that is possibly the most unconventional source of inspiration for a couture collection ever...

Combining haute couture methods with vintage materials such as silks and chiffon, Ghanem created a stunning collection that was dramatic,contemporary and classicly romantic all at the same time!

The draping of the cloth to create such superb silhouettes is what impressed me the most, with each piece transforming its wearer into an otherworldly creature that you simply would not see anywhere elsewhere during PFW.

I love the way each model had their own unique look, and with Ghanem previously citing that the models he uses are his muses and biggest source of inspiration, it is no surprise that each model reflected their chosen piece and vice versa.

Here is the stunning show in its entirety, as well as some images of my favourite pieces from the collection...Enjoy!

Also, if you'd like to see some of Ghanems previous work, check out his official site

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


As the fashion elite descended onto Paris fashion week a few days ago, Mcqueen fans where abuzz about what Sarah Burton had in store for them...And she certainly did NOT disappoint yesterday as the Spring/summer 2012 collection made its début.

From the very first moment I  set eyes on the opening piece of the collection, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. In a word, Breathtaking. And It only got better...

Every piece was a triumph as It emerged onto the catwalk; with each model resembling a divine sea creature emerging from the surf. The sumptuously ruffled skirt-suits in burnt gold, creams and pastel pinks; with high collars and pinched in waists where very feminine, but with a subtle hint of fetish.

The gowns, as to be expected from the house of Mcqueen where beautifully crafted and a feast for the eyes. Organza and chiffon ruffles that undulated with every step, conjured images of jellyfish...the craftsmanship that went into ensuring this movement was created is BEYOND genius!

The stunning embellishment of each gown was again, to be expected from Mcqueen...pearlescent like armour, shoulder pieces made of clustered pieces of coral and intertwined metal that served as both belt and necklace.

Also the head pieces worn by each model where beautiful in themselves, some being nothing more then delicate lace-netting, whereas others where fully embellished masks that where impractical yet beautiful...Another fetish twist.

Mcqueen himself was constantly re-inventing himself, with each season having a completely different vision...Burton has yet to truly re-invent herself and create a collection that is extremely dissimilar from the last. Despite this, I loved the whole thing...from beginning to end! I just hope that next season she shocks the fashion world to its core with something completely unexpected!

Here are my favourite pieces from the collection...however you can view the full collection in both images and video over at the official Mcqueen site an eye out for those undulating hemlines!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Amelia Arsenic; Singer, Model, Artist, Designer, Jewellery Maker, Stylist, MUA and all round creative hand-grenade, was kind enough to send me a sneak peek of her new collection entitled 'Taxidermia'.

But until I have seen the full collection and received all the details, I won't be able to write a post...Instead I've decided to look back at Amelia's previous collection titled 'Crime & Punishment'

Amelia has utilised her impressive range of skills completely when creating this collection, by including limited edition screen prints as well as apparel.

Firstly, the collection as a whole is stunning. The themes of fetish and gore run throughout every piece and readers of my blog will know that my buttons will have been pushed HARD when viewing the images for the first time!

The designs are heavily inspired by the infamous Betty Page, the greatest fetish model the world has ever seen. I LOVE the image of the girl bound to a chair...the tattoo's...the bustier...the way her hair is merged with the pool of blood...LOVE It all! You can buy hand-printed screen prints of this image from her site too ( link further down) It's definitely on my 'to buy asap' list!

The following images from the 'Crime & Punishment' lookbook. Amelia could not have picked a better trio to slip into her clothes, they look PHENOMENAL!

To see more images from the lookbook visit

Also check out her personal blog, you won't be disappointed...

Keep your eyes peeled for 'A IS FOR ARSENIC: PART 2'...I'll be posting about the new collection as soon as it hits my inbox!