Sunday, 29 January 2012


There is a definite morbidity trend in fashion at the moment, with an influx in 'dead things' being used to create jewellery, accessories and hats. Though controversial to many, It's a trend that will always appeal to a certain percentage of the included!

The work of London based Peppard is VERY different to any other taxidermy obsessed designer I've seen to date...Her work is stunningly beautiful, creating pieces that originally would have been far from it! But on the other hand, a lot of the pieces remain very sinister, almost like she hasn't shied away from the fact that she's using a dead animal: Instead she embraces the fact...You would certainly need a strong stomach to sport many of the pieces...

Peppard not only uses real animals in her work, but also silver and gold casts of the deceased bodily parts (definitely a lot more palatable) I've fallen head over heels in love with the crow talon pendant and fox jaw chain!

Undoubtedly, using taxidermy to create jewellery is still a social taboo...but to Peppards credit, she only uses ethically sourced animals in her work, which have died from natural or unpreventable circumstances.

With the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Lady Gaga wearing her stuff, alongwith being featured in Vogue and the world renowned windows of Selfridges...It's safe to say that she is one to watch. Expect to see a lot more of her 'Pretty dead things'!

Check out her Blog and Official Website for more information!

Thursday, 26 January 2012


When it comes to contemporary and edgy fashion, Thom Browne is no stranger. Time and time again, Browne has delivered a fresh and innovative collection that somehow manages to erupt all expectations as to how classic tailoring can be re-imagined any more.

Brownes collection is rather contradictory in its aesthetic...creating suits in a classic checked pattern, which to many would seem to be a 'nerdy' ensemble and then adding odd trouser lengths, fur merkins and studs 'n' spikes...well, it completely turns the whole picture on its head.

Alongside these 'nerds' there are 'quarterbacks' with voluminous shoulders that would make Herman Munster feel inferior. I love how Browne plays with silhouettes and turns a classic cut of a suit into something MORE.

Obviously, a gimp mask will always grab my attention, and there're plenty to be had in this collection! Not only are they in patent leather, but also in pastel check' the unconventional headwear a softer and more palatable edge.

Overall I ADORE this collection...SO much love for the chic palette and OTT shapes and embellishments. By far one of my favourite collections of the season!

Here are my favourite looks from the show, but be sure to check out the full collection over at

Monday, 23 January 2012


Not often do I get palpitations from a menswear collection...don't get me wrong, every year there's at least a dozen shows that I adore...But RARELY do I come across one In which I could picture myself wearing EVERY single piece.

Enter Kokon To Zai...

Ive seen the acronym KTZ a few times online, but never had the urge to dig a bit deeper until recently...and what I found completely blew me away!

The collection is a kaleidoscope of styles...from classic punk influences in some pieces, to futuristic cuts and prints in others. The digital print has crashed back into trend as of late, and KTZ delivers some truly eye melting examples!

I love KTZ's use of sheer fabric, leather, buckles and limited colour palette to create such an eclectic mix! the overall effect is however somewhat uniform...certain design aspects have been used in EVERY piece, but altered slightly...making every piece interchangeable with every other piece. Something not often seen in the world of fashion today!

So without further ado, here are my best picks of the collection, but do check out the rest over at the KTZ 
official website!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Mr Nicola Formichetti is no stranger to turning preconceived ideas and expectations on there fact, he is rather good at it.

With his much anticipated Mugler Man AW12 collection making its runway debut, Milan Fashion Week was abuzz during the aftermath of the show...Such an eclectic and beautifully turned out show was always expected from Mugler, yet the fashion glitterati have been praising Formichetti like he was a fledgling graduate. the collection!

Obviously, the tailoring was exquisite. Classic suits where given a new lease of life with minimalist lapels and excessive volume, alongside the metallic colours, patent leather and glittered fabric used. This unconventional approach gave the models the classic Mugler 'Alienesque' look...toned down for AW12, but with the exaggerated form it was undeniably still a staple.

The 'Highway man' cape made an appearance several times, in oxblood, navy and black...VERY in key with the 'Victorian poet' trend...but again with the very noticeable Mugler twist: vivid prints and OTT volume. Maybe also a nod to previous superhero inspired collections? I LOVE the half cape combined with the full length coat, futuristic and classic all rolled into one.

The sci-fi influences where out in force too, especially in the glittered/metallic sleeveless pieces and Neo/Matrix leather ensemble (Leather trench??? ADORE!) Mugler/Formichetti do this look very well, I love the way with every season this style is seamlessly merged with whatever trend Is 'current'...merging present and future trends is a difficult task I can imagine, yet Mugler always deliver it!

Anyway, here are my favourite looks from the can view the show in its entirety over on Formichetti's blog!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Here is the first advertisement of Daphne Guinness for her collaboration with MAC cosmetics...

The image speaks for itself...flawless, edgy, VERY Daphne...and I had to share with you all!
It's also a small taste of a much larger blog post coming VERY soon, dedicated to one of this centuries biggest style ICONS. Expect avant garde fashion aplenty...WATCH THIS SPACE!

Monday, 16 January 2012


Chainmail has often had a bad wrap in the world of fashion. Usually seen as an impracticable and sometimes overtly fetish trend, it has often showed up on catwalks around the world...but never as anything more than a gimmick.

Well, allow me to introduce to you the the beautiful work of Fannie Schiavoni...

Schiavoni specialises in chainmail clothing and accessories, bringing this under-rated technique into the forefront of 'what's hot'. Many of her pieces have fetish inspired design...but instead of appearing seedy or overtly sexualised, they remain sleek, chic and extremely feminine. Its surprising how delicate the chainmail looks!

When browsing through her collections, It's also surprising how VERY wearable these pieces are. Whether dressed up or dressed down, they can give even the simplest of outfits a noticeable edge that WORKS.

Stars such as Rihanna, Skin and of course Lady Gaga have all been spotted dripping in Schiavoni's 'mail...and I'm sure with arrival of her AW12 collection, we'll be seeing more of her work very soon!

Check out these stunning images, spanning her complete back catalogue of work...including Gaga's appearance in Q magazine! If you'd like to see more of her work, have a look at her website