Saturday, 3 December 2011


As I'm sure many of you have seen, Gaga's 'Marry The Night' music video is nothing short of a fashion triumph.

In traditional Gaga style, the first lady of couture has showcased a whole heap of stunning garments and accessories that have left fashion-hungry eyes filled to the brim with juicy satisfied tears.

The video itself is a raw and beautiful tale of a pop stars rise to fame, and the rejection and heartache she encountered on the way...Culminating in her 'Marrying the night' and becoming one with her art and fulfilling her dreams.

Anyway, here are the pieces from the video that caught my eye in particular!

Noritaka Tatehana

These spectacular 18'' ballet heels, or 'Gaga Pointe', are from Noritaka Tatehana. All those ridiculously tall shoes that Gaga wears are by this guy, and when it comes to KILLER heels...he don't mess!

Christian Louboutin

The unmistakable red sole of these ferocious thigh high boots are of course by the legendary Louboutin. I haven't been able to find any information on these boots as of yet, but on closer inspection, they appear to be some sort of animal skin...Crocodile maybe?

Giuseppe Zanotti

After a LOT of searching, I discovered that these beautiful rhinestone encrusted heelless beauts are none other than Giuseppe Zanotti. Taken from his Spring/Summer 2012 collection, many of those who aren't as brave as Gaga will be happy to hear that they also come in a heelFULL version too!

Kermit Tesoro + Leeroy New

This ribbed silicone ensemble is a collaborative effort by Filipino designers Kermit Tesoro and Leeroy New. Im already a massive fan of Tesoro, he creates truly avant garde and exciting pieces that never fail to blow my mind! I love the detailing in this outfit...It looks like early Mugler!

Void Of Course

This gargantuan beauty of a hat is by London based 'Void Of Course', and is quite possibly Gaga's biggest hat so far...Over a meter in diameter! Remember the harnesses from the 'Born This Way' video? You guessed it...Void Of Course! These guys are DEFINITELY one to watch out for.

Philip Treacy + Paco Rabanne

This STUNNING headpiece is by milliner to the stars (and personal friend of Gaga) Philip Treacy...whilst the gown is by Manish Arora for Paco Rabanne SS12. You may remember my previous blog post on this collection earlier this month (If not, here it is!) I LOVE the end of the video...Reclinin' 'n' regal!

And in case your on of the few people on the planet who hasn't seen the video...Here it is in all its glory!

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