Friday, 18 May 2012


If like me you've ever had a stroll through the markets of Camden, there's a good chance you will have stumbled upon 'The Happy Shack'. Located in the Stables part of ol' Camden town, it's a veritable goldmine of customised fashion, kitsch jewellery and wonderfully tacky accessories.

Safe to say my visit to the shack left an impression...I've been keeping up to date with the Shacks creator, Philip Normal and it's safe to say he's  been a BUSY boy: Not only with keeping the HS full of spiky neon goodies, but also launching

Founded by the technicolour Philip and his fellow moustache aficionado friend Alexandre Pollazon, 6000A.D sets out to bring together all that is bright, fun and contemporary in fashion today. The duo's goal is to create a new shopping experience: a fashion oasis amongst what can be a very bland and desolate wasteland of apparel.

And that's EXACTLY what 6000A.D is!

The site is home to a whole heap of kaleidoscopic fashion from many well known brands, as well as some lesser known names...offering people a chance to invest in pieces that will start conversations and get them noticed for ALL the right reasons

I'm a big fan of Jean Charles De Castelbajac, Tatty Devine and Linda Farrow already and having such an eclectic mix is rare in the online boutique game...and obviously, It's always a treat being introduced to brands I hadn't come across yet such as Horace and Andrea Cammarosano (Love at first sight!)

6000A.D caters for both men and women, and all budgets too...So you have absolutely no excuse, throw on your shades and check out these beauties...

Leopard Poncho - Belle Sauvage

'Germ' Tee - Horace

Chain Tank - Andrea Cammarosano

Parakeet Necklace - Tatty Devine

Bomber Jacket - Agi and Sam

Caesar sunglasses - Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow

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