Saturday, 16 June 2012


Of all the menswear collections to be debuted in London this week, It was undoubtedly the Sibling show I was most excited to see.

I've been following the work of Sibling for a while now and they never fail to exceed all expectations. With an ever changing aesthetic and keen eye for upcoming trends, these guys are way ahead in the knitwear game (Just the way we like it!)

The collection as a whole has a very sports lux feel, a surprising move considering past collections have been  more pop art then track and field...Many pieces this time around have a more couture feel to them also, especially the pieces with acrylic scaling and fringe details, a welcome addition in what seems like a more mature collection. Sibling has grown up! 

The fresh palette of white and metallics, which just a dash of colour, is a completely new direction for Sibling to go in...We've come to expect kaleidoscopic knits, so it just goes to show you never what you're going to get with these guys... 

The addition of matching pants are a winner too! LOVE the all black ensemble! <3

Check the show below, as well as some stills of my favourite pieces! 

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