Monday, 23 January 2012


Not often do I get palpitations from a menswear collection...don't get me wrong, every year there's at least a dozen shows that I adore...But RARELY do I come across one In which I could picture myself wearing EVERY single piece.

Enter Kokon To Zai...

Ive seen the acronym KTZ a few times online, but never had the urge to dig a bit deeper until recently...and what I found completely blew me away!

The collection is a kaleidoscope of styles...from classic punk influences in some pieces, to futuristic cuts and prints in others. The digital print has crashed back into trend as of late, and KTZ delivers some truly eye melting examples!

I love KTZ's use of sheer fabric, leather, buckles and limited colour palette to create such an eclectic mix! the overall effect is however somewhat uniform...certain design aspects have been used in EVERY piece, but altered slightly...making every piece interchangeable with every other piece. Something not often seen in the world of fashion today!

So without further ado, here are my best picks of the collection, but do check out the rest over at the KTZ 
official website!

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