Thursday, 26 January 2012


When it comes to contemporary and edgy fashion, Thom Browne is no stranger. Time and time again, Browne has delivered a fresh and innovative collection that somehow manages to erupt all expectations as to how classic tailoring can be re-imagined any more.

Brownes collection is rather contradictory in its aesthetic...creating suits in a classic checked pattern, which to many would seem to be a 'nerdy' ensemble and then adding odd trouser lengths, fur merkins and studs 'n' spikes...well, it completely turns the whole picture on its head.

Alongside these 'nerds' there are 'quarterbacks' with voluminous shoulders that would make Herman Munster feel inferior. I love how Browne plays with silhouettes and turns a classic cut of a suit into something MORE.

Obviously, a gimp mask will always grab my attention, and there're plenty to be had in this collection! Not only are they in patent leather, but also in pastel check' the unconventional headwear a softer and more palatable edge.

Overall I ADORE this collection...SO much love for the chic palette and OTT shapes and embellishments. By far one of my favourite collections of the season!

Here are my favourite looks from the show, but be sure to check out the full collection over at

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