Thursday, 13 October 2011


For those of you, (like me) who love their fashion to have a macabre twist, I've got something that may just get you going...

'Bones and Feather collective'  have released a collection of jewellery composed of teeth and bones, that are gruesome in their aesthetic, but undoubtedly beautiful at the same time!

You may be surprised however to hear that all of the pieces are made from recycled bullet casings...a surprising material to use for a jewellery collection, but it works.

I have yet to find anything else like these online, with the vintage and DIY look of each piece putting a definite twist on a popular design trend.

I love the statement that this collection 'may' be making...jewellery created from a a material that is in abundance, post war that emulates body parts...goes to show that something beautiful can be found in everything, and can be created from anything, no matter how twisted it may seem.

You can see more work from this brand, as well as follow their blog over at

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