Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Amelia Arsenic; Singer, Model, Artist, Designer, Jewellery Maker, Stylist, MUA and all round creative hand-grenade, was kind enough to send me a sneak peek of her new collection entitled 'Taxidermia'.

But until I have seen the full collection and received all the details, I won't be able to write a post...Instead I've decided to look back at Amelia's previous collection titled 'Crime & Punishment'

Amelia has utilised her impressive range of skills completely when creating this collection, by including limited edition screen prints as well as apparel.

Firstly, the collection as a whole is stunning. The themes of fetish and gore run throughout every piece and readers of my blog will know that my buttons will have been pushed HARD when viewing the images for the first time!

The designs are heavily inspired by the infamous Betty Page, the greatest fetish model the world has ever seen. I LOVE the image of the girl bound to a chair...the tattoo's...the bustier...the way her hair is merged with the pool of blood...LOVE It all! You can buy hand-printed screen prints of this image from her site too ( link further down) It's definitely on my 'to buy asap' list!

The following images from the 'Crime & Punishment' lookbook. Amelia could not have picked a better trio to slip into her clothes, they look PHENOMENAL!

To see more images from the lookbook visit aisforarsenic.com/lookbook

Also check out her personal blog, you won't be disappointed... destroyx.com/

Keep your eyes peeled for 'A IS FOR ARSENIC: PART 2'...I'll be posting about the new collection as soon as it hits my inbox!

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