Tuesday, 11 October 2011


The AW11 collection from Ziad Ghanem was a romantically macabre triumph, which understandably earned him a standing ovation from the fashion elite who where lucky enough to witness this amazing show unfold...

Titled 'Never end, never end, never end', Ghanem drew inspiration from the cult horror video game series 'Silent Hill', a twisted story of ghost towns and nightmare creatures that is possibly the most unconventional source of inspiration for a couture collection ever...

Combining haute couture methods with vintage materials such as silks and chiffon, Ghanem created a stunning collection that was dramatic,contemporary and classicly romantic all at the same time!

The draping of the cloth to create such superb silhouettes is what impressed me the most, with each piece transforming its wearer into an otherworldly creature that you simply would not see anywhere elsewhere during PFW.

I love the way each model had their own unique look, and with Ghanem previously citing that the models he uses are his muses and biggest source of inspiration, it is no surprise that each model reflected their chosen piece and vice versa.

Here is the stunning show in its entirety, as well as some images of my favourite pieces from the collection...Enjoy!

Also, if you'd like to see some of Ghanems previous work, check out his official site ziadghanem.co.uk

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