Wednesday, 1 February 2012


You may remember I wrote a blog post back in June, all about the amazing work of Galibardy, a fresh and exciting jewellery brand that is taking the fashion and celebrity worlds by storm with their fun and edgy pieces.

Well, ever since then I've been keeping a close eye on what they've been up too...and I must say, they've done good! With a whole heap of new additions to the Galibardy family, I thought It was about time P.A.R found out a little more!

''So, Galibardy...Poison Antidote Repeat has a WHOLE heap of love for what you do. You really do bring something fun, fresh and edgy to the table...the likes of which we don't really see anywhere else! Where do you get your inspiration from?''

''We take our inspiration from everything around us – nature, religion, people, animals, urban culture.  The collection is a really eclectic mix of styles and motifs and  we’re always looking to offer something fresh and exciting.''

''We've seen your work on dozens of celebrities...If you could pick ONE celebrity who embodies the Galibardy spirit, who would it be and why?''

''We were so excited when Jessie J wore one of our pieces for her 2011 Glastonbury performance -  she exudes confidence and has a really upbeat attitude, combined with her unique style and a sense of fun, she’s most definitely a Galibardy girl! ''

''Galibardy, despite its phenomenal success, has had very little in the way of advertising...Can we expect some mind blowing editorials or ad campaigns in 2012?''

''The brand has grown quite organically. Our success in the media has been great and we’ve had some fantastic editorial features in the likes of Elle, InStyle, i-D, Cosmopolitan, Grazia and Look. Whilst we’re not looking to run any ad campaigns for the coming year, we are launching some great new collections which we’re sure the press will love!''

''Out of all the stunning pieces you've created so far, which to date has been your ultimate favourite?''

''There’s so many to choose from and I have so many favourites! The Black Anubis ring was a really great piece and we created it with Kelly Rowland in mind as she’d been wearing so many of our designs – luckily Kelly loved this style too and is even wearing it in her new video! The Scorpion King Ring and Rose Skull Ring were other favourites too – I love their dark, gothic style glamour.''

''Can you give us any sneaky hints about an upcoming piece that you're particularly excited about?''

''We’re expanding on our new range of acrylic styles – the collection has previously been very much concentrated on brass and enamel and I wanted to explore working with other materials so that is an exciting new range to come. As animals are one of our favourite jewellery motifs, you’ll be sure to see some more of those of the canine variety in our new collection.''

''My personal favourites have to be the fox rings and necklaces...Can we expect more foxy themed  pieces soon (Please say yes)?''

''Glad you like them – well we’ve got a new Napolean Fox ring and necklace coming soon which we hope you’ll love too!''

It's safe to say that Galibardy are doing EVERYTHING right, and they are definitely set to have an exciting 2012! With more of there self titled 'Galibardy music mixes' to be dropped this year as well as plenty of giveaways to look forward too, they're definitely one to watch!

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