Thursday, 16 February 2012


Once again Jeremy Scott has blown me away with yet another technicolour wet-dream! Mr Scott never fails to deliver the kind of show you need sunglasses to watch, and a sense of humour to appreciate.

With this rainbow infested collection, JS seems to have taken inspiration from the 90's: The multicoloured club scene, the computer boom and the 70's inspired fashion of the era.

As always, pop culture plays a major role in Scott's inspiration...And being the big kid that he is, the motifs this time round are My Little Pony, the 'Smiley' and Bart Simpson, which admittedly do all scream 90's!

There is definitely something for everyone in this collection; biker jackets, figure hugging dresses, knitwear, foil embellished gowns, metallic kilts, fur coats, leggings...well you get the idea, there's a lot going on! I love this aspect of JS shows, there's so much detail that it's hard to take it all in at once, and to appreciate the genius of it all, you need to view more than once!

Despite my love for this collection, I've got to admit...He isn't really bringing anything new to the table...A lot of it we have seen in previous collections, just altered slightly. I'd like to see him branch out a little...It feels like he knows what he can do well and is just sticking with it. Take some risks Mr. Scott! Saying that though, I do ADORE the rainbow hair cape!!

Here are my favourites anyway for you to decide for yourself!

You can view the entire collection over at

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