Monday, 19 March 2012


American designer Becca Mccharen's label 'Chromat' has completely blown me away with these pieces from her SS12 collection...Using architectural-inspired caging to create underwear and outerwear is a definite winner in my eyes!

Mccharen has taken her background in architecture and obsession with scaffolding to another level of fashion design, extracting the internal components of garment construction such as boning and zips and placing them on the outside. Inspired!

With this Mccharen is able to create astonishing silhouettes that distort the female form, giving the wearer a completely different shape. I LOVE that you can still see the shape of the wearer through the frames of the pieces, retaining that sexiness but creating the illusion of a second 'shape'.

Mccharen's underwear pieces are very architectural too, but sleeker and more harness-like for obvious reasons...

The inspiration for the SS12 collection was ''cartoons, female superheros and villains and distorted disney characters'' Which is evident in the headpieces especially, as well as the use of polka dots and vivid colours. With inspiration such as this, there's no way I wouldn't!

Check out these pieces from the collection, be sure to check out the official website too!

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