Sunday, 4 March 2012


Now I know I always blog about jewellery and accessories composed of bones 'n' guts...but seeing as you're reading this, I'll assume It's your love of anatomical fashion that lead you to this page! If that's the case then sit back, relax and feast your beady eyes on these...

For once I'm bringing you Jewellery that is completely veggie it is alllll made from polyurethane! (thats plastic btw) Completely gorgeous and guilt free accessories...composed entirely of BONE. YES!

It's all a bit Caveman/Apocalypto/Ted Bundy (Just how I like my Axc's) and I especially love how simple it all is...there are little or no embellishments, just the bare necessities.

These pieces are NOT for the faint of heart however...There's nothing subtle about them, and you'd need to seriously plan an outfit to pull them off...but if done well they'd look phenomenal!

Anyway here are my favourites from the latest collection...hop over to their site to see the rest of the pieces, or even snag some for yourself! They're actually really well priced!

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