Wednesday, 4 April 2012


In my humble opinion, when it comes to've got to think BIG. Bigger is definitely ALWAYS better. 

On finding a designer who clearly feels the same way about fashion, I always end up going into a bit of a frenzy. Now imagine the kind of frenzy I was in on discovering the mesmerising work of Inbar Spector...How a talent of this magnitude had slipped under my radar is beyond me!

Israeli-born Inbar's fearless AW12 collection is home to some of the most impressive construction I've seen in a LONG time. The overall feel of the collection is very futuristic, ethereal and gothic: Three of my favourite 'themes', and they're combined perfectly.

The romanticism associated with fabrics such as silk and taffeta is completely turned on its head as Spector uses them to create voluminous, yet intricate concertina-like skirts...Combing these with laser-cut metallic dresses and draped jackets, giving the decadent functionality of a futuristic aristocrat. Yeah, you read that right!

As the show unfolds, the pieces become even more awe inspiring, culminating in a mind-blowing all-white gown that was undeniably the jewel in the crown. 

Take note of the awesome headgear created by Lara Jensen also...I'll be bringing you a post dedicated to her work very soon!

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