Wednesday, 3 August 2011


The Mcqueen resort line released for 2012 has certainly lived up to expectations. With Burton now Queen of the house of Mcqueen,  It comes as no surprise that their was wide-spread speculation as to whether she would be able to stand the test of time, or do the label justice. But by putting her own stamp on the already infamous label right from day one, and staying true to the spirit of the brand,  she is  delivering the goods and keeping the die hard fans happy (me included, I LOVE her work so far!).

The collection Is chic and feminine, as you would expect a resort line to be...However, I  think that a resort line should be practical and comfortable to wear in hot/humid climates, something I'm not sure this collection delivers.  
I wouldn't pity any girl who chose to wear a knee length leather dress to a pool party, no matter how uncomfortable she is! Combining a resort collection with quintessential Mcqueen couture is a brave move that I'm sure will pay off however.

The collection itself is STUNNING. The colour palette of earth tones, coupled with ocelot print and leather is opulent and drips with decadence. The cut, in typical Mcqueen fashion is exemplary, with pinched in waists and A-line skirts that create silhouettes to die for. The attention to detail, with ornate embroidery in gold has become a Mcqueen trademark now, making an appearance in almost every collection from Burton to date.

Overall, I adore this collection, and here are my favourites!


  1. Oooof the penultimate dress is beautiful!!!

  2. Hi Verity! I completely agree! The last two dresses are my favourite pieces out of the whole collection :D