Wednesday, 24 August 2011


As anyone following my blog will know, I LOVE any aspect of design using skulls/skeletons/body long as its BEAUTIFUL.

Well the work of jewellery designer Gisele Ganne is no exception, and honestly, she is a new favourite of mine!

Ganne draws inspiration from the Victorian era...their fascination with death, and creating modern day 'mourning jewellery'.

Every collection to date from Ganne features skulls as a reoccurring motif, but it was the 'Divorce Jewellry' collection that caught my eye in particular...

The use of animal skulls in yellow gold, along with pearls and enamel flowers is stunningly beautiful...A mournful yet optimistic union that seems to acknowledge the end of an era with the use of skulls, which also seems hopeful for the future!

You can see more of Ganne's work on her official site!

My favourite has got to be the heavy-duty knuckle duster ring which can be seen in the fourth image!

What do you think of the pieces? Which is your favourite from the collection? Leave a comment below!

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