Tuesday, 2 August 2011


By now It should be clear for all to see that I have an unhealthy obsessions with studs, spike 'n' leather...

So It should be no surprise that I instantly fell in love with the work of London based designer Elliot Joseph Rentz! His work Is not for the faint of heart...his combo of body-con dresses and killah spike/chain's Is definitely only for the most ferocious of girls.
Rentz' use of metal adornments scream fetish: The piece with the gold chain (a personal favourite) reminds me of a body harness, only toned down and feminised. In fact, many of his pieces have a dark edge to them, even In his ad campaigns, where the proportions of the models seem exaggerated and skeletal. I love the whole fetish/fantasy look and Rentz has certainly hit the nail on the head: making it wearable!

Rentz predominantly uses black/white/gold/silver in his work, and with a subdued palette such as this the pieces will ALWAYS be in 'fashion'...But always have that edge that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd.

Rentz Is self taught in his art, and despite having no formal training, he has an obvious natural talent, one that is sure to take him far on the London fashion scene. With his work already gracing the pages of  i-D, French Vogue, GQ Style, LOVE and AnOther magazine amongst others, It's safe to say that this guy Is definitely doing something right!

To see more of his work and contact info, visit Rentz' personal site elliotjosephrentz.com

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