Tuesday, 23 August 2011


The work of British jewellery designer Dominic Jones embodies everything I love in a designer: Ingenuity, individuality, and a healthy dose of morbidity!

Using real animal parts along with casts of animal parts and various metals, Jones creates breathtaking jewellery that is certainly not for the faint of heart! It would take someone with real guts to don this stuff...a challenge I'd HAPPILY take!

It was a spread in Vice magazine annual fashion issue that caught my eye however, In which Jones created a series of accessories using a less then conventional medium...sea creatures.

I adore design such as this: Completely fearless, and constantly pushing the boundaries of what Is 'acceptable'. I'll admit that for obvious reasons the pieces are unwearable, and many people would argue 'what Is the point?'

My answer is this: Does art need to have a point?

You can read an interview with Jones on the Vice website In which he speaks a little about his inspiration and ideas about the series.

Here are the images from the spread, along with an older image of a pair of crocodile bangles that I couldn't resist including!

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