Friday, 4 November 2011


Once again Mr Pugh has failed to disappoint with his triumphant Spring/Summer 2012 collection, not that I would expect anything less...

In true Pugh style, the show was a monochromatic and futuristic spectacle...the collection was everything you would expect and more. Pugh never fails to take things that little bit further, constantly improving on his trademark style!

Architectural and grid like dresses where a-plenty, along with voluminous skirts, block monochrome shift dresses, and horizontal print fabric. I love the way that Pugh manages to reinvent what to most designers would be a very limited colour palette... 

The flashes of skin amidst the black and white slatted dresses also gives them an extra dimension...almost like an optical illusion. Another futuristic effect that Pugh often employs in his collections...

The metallic purple gowns at the end of the show however are a personal favourite...With the added headwear, the whole ensemble reminded me of an alien queen, threatening and sexy all at the same time...It's rare for Pugh to branch out with a bit of colour and despite the two pieces not really fitting in with the rest of the collection, I still love them and am glad they where included!

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What do you think of this collection? Where you expecting more? Or like me did you think it was spectacular?? Leave a comment in the box below!

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