Tuesday, 17 April 2012


For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with women's shoes. Not just ordinary shoes though, they have to be insane. Whether it be a skyscraper stilleto, or a gravity defying platform...If they look like they would give you vertigo or cause you a trip to A&E with a kick, I'm in!

Seeing as I've been hoarding images for years now, I thought it was about time I shared with the world my ultimate favourites. Some of them are well known, some are obscure: All of them BREATHTAKING. Enjoy!


I'm an absolute sucker for anything galaxy print, so obviously I was beside myself when I caught sight of these heelless beauties from the Black Milk collaboration with Jeffrey Campbell. I don't think this collaboration could have come at a better time either, EVERYONE Is wearing JC's at the moment, so much so that die-hard Campbell fans feared the brand was now too 'mainstream'. Maybe this collection could be enough to turn the tide...


The first entry from the house of Mcqueen is these 'Monster' heels from his SS10 collection, Plato's Atlantis. These Geiger inspired beauties didn't get nearly enough attention due to the now infamous 'Armadillo' heels from the same collection. I love the tuberous detailing on the heel, and the almost teeth like platform! 


Of all the spine heels Dsquared have created, these have to be my favourite. The white bandage straps instantly make me think of mummies (Obviously, loving all things horror)! Dsquared are known for their controversial and empowering clothing and I hope they do more anatomical inspired fashion soon...


These 'bondgirl' stripper heels from Pleaser are the ultimate in bad taste footwear...but, they're amazing?! the gun heel and OTT platform are so bad they're GREAT. Pleaser are pretty famous for their perspex heels, even Gaga's loving them...but these badboys are without a doubt my favourites. 


Another heelless wonder for you, this time from Japanese designer Noritaka Tatehana! NT has gained a legion of fans since his high-profile work has been snapped up by Gaga...Yup, alllll those heelless shoes are by this guy! These are undoubtedly the least wearable of all the shoes in this post, but, I had to include them!


These slogan heels from Anastasia Radevich are more art than fashion in my eyes...I'm not entirely sure what kind of a statement is being made here? Is this supposed to be read by the wearer? Or someone else whilst someone is wearing them? Who knows! I love them though, its not often you see text on a heel!


  1. Gorgeous and erotic works of art for the woman/goddess bold enough to wear out in public....