Sunday, 8 April 2012


Lara Jensen's jewel-dripping pieces for Inbar Spectors AW12 collection are nothing short of MIND-BLOWING.

My heart stopped for a few seconds when I first caught site of these stunningly extravagant 'masks' (Can we call them masks?) and it struggled to start beating again as I trawled through Jensens extensive catalogue of work...The gold chain and crystal pieces reminded me of Indian jewellery often seen at weddings, but on a MUCH grander scale. There's also a definite fetish aspect in there composition: constricting and outrageous, but still decadent and uber feminine.

When speaking of her inspiration for the pieces, Jensen had this to say...

''My love of decadence and colour lead to the choice in the stones and I was designing the pieces, through the process of positioning the elements, there were shots of influence showing through of circus harnesses, Bedouin tribal costume and FabergĂ©''

I think the pieces sit perfectly with Spectors collection, with neither designer holding back one bit with the design you'd think the overall effect would be a bit 'too much'. But this isn't the case, I think the work of each designer completely compliments the other. Superb!

Having graduated from the London College of Fashion studying costume design, its no wonder Jensens work is so theatrical. Her spectacular work has caught the eye of some of the BIGGEST names in the biz including Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Karl Lagerfeld, Peaches and MAC cosmetics...With fans as big as these, It's safe to say Jensen has a truly GLITTERING future!

Be sure to check out the rest of Jensen's work over at

Millinary by Lara Jensen
Clothing by Inbar Spector
Styled by Hope Von Joel

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