Thursday, 19 April 2012


Creating an all-black collection is a daunting prospect for many designers, so daunting in fact that its rarely seen ...Enter Samuel Mercure...

Mercure doesn't rely on the seasons colour trends to carry his work...Instead he uses various shades of black in different textures to create an impressive and surprisingly diverse collection that auto-focuses attention onto the cut and shape of the clothes above everything else. There're some seriously good silhouettes going on here, nothing too extravagant, but just different enough to remain interesting. It works.

The layering of textures, along with the streamlined cuts and use of different materials within each piece creates an industrial feel that seems uniform yet varied all at once. The differing lengths of the pieces allows the wearer to layer up too...All those different textures and layers make for a seriously hot outfit...Who said Black had to be boring??

Fur panelling in the arms, back and chest and legs of certain pieces also give an extra edge that prevents them from becoming too similar to the previous one...I love the use of matte next to gloss, its a definite winner!
Check out these stunning images from the AW12 campaign, as well as Mercures official website!

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