Thursday, 26 April 2012


As some of you may not know, as well as running PAR...I also write for From Dusk 2 Dawn magazine! Contributing to the online version as well as the printed edition...

Well here is a digital copy of my FIRST printed article, all about the vintage shops here in my home town of Nottingham, UK!

Read it here: From Dusk 2 Dawn Summer 2012

My article is on page 29! <3

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Following on from the AMAZING AW12 collection 'Lucid Disorder', Asger Juel Larsen released these stunning images showcasing his work.

The futuristic and romantic theme of the collection is ramped up a couple hundred notches with the use of androgynous models and a snowy Russian-esque backdrop. Oooft!

Check them out below...And also, in case you missed it, here's PAR's review of the full collection!

Saturday, 21 April 2012


The Autumn/Winter collection from designer Asger Juel Larsen is a dystopic and sophisticated dream...Where the sophisticated man is flung far into the future; where clothing becomes militarised, industrial yet very neo-chic. Somehow Larsen has managed to combine the Russian aristocrat staples of peacoats and soviet fur hats, with  the oversized knits and relaxed cuts of the Russian peasent.

It's not often I see a full collection from a designer and think ''I need it all'' But with this collection I really did! Every look has a slightly different feel to it, with noticeable influences throughout...There's something very East London in some of the outfits, especially the red velvet ensemble. Whereas there is a definite Japanese streetstyle in the dropcrotch trousers and zipped tops. This mixture of urban cultural influences with classic Russian design is a definite winner.

I love Larsens use of shape throughout this collection...The subtle exaggeration of the shoulders in the jackets and excess fabric in the pants gives a futuristic feel that is BANG on trend for AW12...The use of buttery leather, velvet and wool also gives a much needed softer element...Without the rich textures I think the collection would be too harsh!

Check out these images from the runway show as well as the official website!

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Creating an all-black collection is a daunting prospect for many designers, so daunting in fact that its rarely seen ...Enter Samuel Mercure...

Mercure doesn't rely on the seasons colour trends to carry his work...Instead he uses various shades of black in different textures to create an impressive and surprisingly diverse collection that auto-focuses attention onto the cut and shape of the clothes above everything else. There're some seriously good silhouettes going on here, nothing too extravagant, but just different enough to remain interesting. It works.

The layering of textures, along with the streamlined cuts and use of different materials within each piece creates an industrial feel that seems uniform yet varied all at once. The differing lengths of the pieces allows the wearer to layer up too...All those different textures and layers make for a seriously hot outfit...Who said Black had to be boring??

Fur panelling in the arms, back and chest and legs of certain pieces also give an extra edge that prevents them from becoming too similar to the previous one...I love the use of matte next to gloss, its a definite winner!
Check out these stunning images from the AW12 campaign, as well as Mercures official website!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with women's shoes. Not just ordinary shoes though, they have to be insane. Whether it be a skyscraper stilleto, or a gravity defying platform...If they look like they would give you vertigo or cause you a trip to A&E with a kick, I'm in!

Seeing as I've been hoarding images for years now, I thought it was about time I shared with the world my ultimate favourites. Some of them are well known, some are obscure: All of them BREATHTAKING. Enjoy!


I'm an absolute sucker for anything galaxy print, so obviously I was beside myself when I caught sight of these heelless beauties from the Black Milk collaboration with Jeffrey Campbell. I don't think this collaboration could have come at a better time either, EVERYONE Is wearing JC's at the moment, so much so that die-hard Campbell fans feared the brand was now too 'mainstream'. Maybe this collection could be enough to turn the tide...


The first entry from the house of Mcqueen is these 'Monster' heels from his SS10 collection, Plato's Atlantis. These Geiger inspired beauties didn't get nearly enough attention due to the now infamous 'Armadillo' heels from the same collection. I love the tuberous detailing on the heel, and the almost teeth like platform! 


Of all the spine heels Dsquared have created, these have to be my favourite. The white bandage straps instantly make me think of mummies (Obviously, loving all things horror)! Dsquared are known for their controversial and empowering clothing and I hope they do more anatomical inspired fashion soon...


These 'bondgirl' stripper heels from Pleaser are the ultimate in bad taste footwear...but, they're amazing?! the gun heel and OTT platform are so bad they're GREAT. Pleaser are pretty famous for their perspex heels, even Gaga's loving them...but these badboys are without a doubt my favourites. 


Another heelless wonder for you, this time from Japanese designer Noritaka Tatehana! NT has gained a legion of fans since his high-profile work has been snapped up by Gaga...Yup, alllll those heelless shoes are by this guy! These are undoubtedly the least wearable of all the shoes in this post, but, I had to include them!


These slogan heels from Anastasia Radevich are more art than fashion in my eyes...I'm not entirely sure what kind of a statement is being made here? Is this supposed to be read by the wearer? Or someone else whilst someone is wearing them? Who knows! I love them though, its not often you see text on a heel!

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Lara Jensen's jewel-dripping pieces for Inbar Spectors AW12 collection are nothing short of MIND-BLOWING.

My heart stopped for a few seconds when I first caught site of these stunningly extravagant 'masks' (Can we call them masks?) and it struggled to start beating again as I trawled through Jensens extensive catalogue of work...The gold chain and crystal pieces reminded me of Indian jewellery often seen at weddings, but on a MUCH grander scale. There's also a definite fetish aspect in there composition: constricting and outrageous, but still decadent and uber feminine.

When speaking of her inspiration for the pieces, Jensen had this to say...

''My love of decadence and colour lead to the choice in the stones and I was designing the pieces, through the process of positioning the elements, there were shots of influence showing through of circus harnesses, Bedouin tribal costume and FabergĂ©''

I think the pieces sit perfectly with Spectors collection, with neither designer holding back one bit with the design you'd think the overall effect would be a bit 'too much'. But this isn't the case, I think the work of each designer completely compliments the other. Superb!

Having graduated from the London College of Fashion studying costume design, its no wonder Jensens work is so theatrical. Her spectacular work has caught the eye of some of the BIGGEST names in the biz including Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Karl Lagerfeld, Peaches and MAC cosmetics...With fans as big as these, It's safe to say Jensen has a truly GLITTERING future!

Be sure to check out the rest of Jensen's work over at

Millinary by Lara Jensen
Clothing by Inbar Spector
Styled by Hope Von Joel

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


In my humble opinion, when it comes to've got to think BIG. Bigger is definitely ALWAYS better. 

On finding a designer who clearly feels the same way about fashion, I always end up going into a bit of a frenzy. Now imagine the kind of frenzy I was in on discovering the mesmerising work of Inbar Spector...How a talent of this magnitude had slipped under my radar is beyond me!

Israeli-born Inbar's fearless AW12 collection is home to some of the most impressive construction I've seen in a LONG time. The overall feel of the collection is very futuristic, ethereal and gothic: Three of my favourite 'themes', and they're combined perfectly.

The romanticism associated with fabrics such as silk and taffeta is completely turned on its head as Spector uses them to create voluminous, yet intricate concertina-like skirts...Combing these with laser-cut metallic dresses and draped jackets, giving the decadent functionality of a futuristic aristocrat. Yeah, you read that right!

As the show unfolds, the pieces become even more awe inspiring, culminating in a mind-blowing all-white gown that was undeniably the jewel in the crown. 

Take note of the awesome headgear created by Lara Jensen also...I'll be bringing you a post dedicated to her work very soon!