Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Allow me to introduce you to the audaciously creative photographer and visual artist, Nik Pate.

Nik's work is meticulous in detail, OTT with style and jam packed with character, with each shot telling a complete story. I LOVE the 'In your face' nature of his work, a visual assault that makes it difficult for your eyes to focus on one spot! You literally don't know where to look first!

Despite the business of the scenes, his work never seems overcrowded or cluttered. Instead the components of each shot complement each other, building up a fantastical image that only a maniac could come up with. Nik's work is fresh, imaginative and fun, and it's clear that he refuses to take himself seriously. Although his work is very tongue-in-cheek, often with b-movie inspired imagery...There is often a darker undertone to his work, an aspect that I hope will manifest fully in future shoots!

Nik could never be called a 'one trick pony', as his scope of work is impressive to say the least. Not only can he create mind-blowing landscapes, but he can also take the often mundane 'headshot' and create something amazing. Whether it's adding insects to the model, exaggerating the proportions of limbs or using avant garde accessories, Nik never fails to deliver an exciting photo. This guy DOES NOT do boring!

So it is with great pleasure that I can reveal a NIK PATE EXCLUSIVE! Earlier today Nik himself was kind enough to share with me an archived series titled 'Monsteropolis': An eyegasmic tale of alien invasion, zombie plagues and a struggle between good 'n' evil that would make any Hollywood producer proud.

You can delve into the Aladdins cave that is his past work over at his official website, definitely one to 'favourite' kids...This rascal is set to be HUGE.

You can follow the Nik's escapades on his NEW official twitter page

If twitter's not your thing though, you can also follow him on

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