Sunday, 31 July 2011


Brace yourselves...for what has got to be the most breath-taking chair ever created!

I give you, The Octopus Chair.

As part of an on-going project, Riera aims to create a series of biologically accurate chairs based on different animals, such as The Octopus, the rhino, the Lion, The Beetle, The Whale and The Walrus.

Creating furniture such as this is a new venture for Riera, who's previous work has been focused in the mediums of photography, abstract painting and sculpture.

At the moment, their is little information on these chairs available online...HOWEVER, you can purchase the Octopus Chair from, as long as you have a spare £35,000!

Keep your eyes peeled, because as soon as details on the next chair are made available, I'll be posting about It!

If you'd like to see Riera's other work, have a gander at his site

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