Friday, 8 July 2011


Today a friend introduced me to the work of Netherlands born artist Erwin Olaf, and I was instantly hooked...having spent the last two hours drooling over his archive.

His scope of work is beyond impressive, his style of work being intensely dark and the way In which he tackles taboo subjects through his lens is controversial, yet deeply compelling. His work is undeniably stunning, and I love the way in which he takes what should be horrific or abhorrent subjects, and makes them into something beautiful. Olaf Is able to see beyond the strict aesthetics of his subjects, and somehow captures what Is behind the subject, an underlying atmosphere that many photographers are unable to catch.

My favourite series of his though has got to be 'Royal Blood', In which he has photographed members of royalty throughout history who have died in less then conventional ways. The portraits are stunningly beautiful, despite the knife wounds, bullet holes and blood splatter!

To view more of this brilliant photographers archive, visit Also got a whole lotta love for the 'Dusk' and 'Dawn' Series'!

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