Monday, 25 July 2011


For the last 50 years, the world of Barbie has been drenched in perfection. A perfect world of summer houses, sports cars, high fashion and the body perfect. Artist Mariel Clayton uses Barbies world however, to depict macabre and violent scenes, scenes that you would never expect such a 'perfect' girl to be in.

Barbie has certainly been busy...As well as being an astronaught, teacher, stewardess, princess and doctor, Barbie can now add murderer, sexual deviant, unsuitable mother and psycho to her long list of occupations.

Clayton uses Barbie as an unusual but effective medium, to comment on many of the darker aspects of today's society. To use a well known doll in such a way I think is a brave move; To some It could seem ingenious, but to others It could seem contrived with nothing but the intention of being controversial for being controversial's sake.

However you feel about her work, It is undoubtedly clever, and her attention to detail in every scene is impeccable. For obvious reasons, some of her picture's I could not have on the blog, but those I have included that are quite dark, I feel are quite tongue in cheek and retain a certain sense of fun!

You can see a lot more of Clayton's work over at her website

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  1. Love this post! I kinda wanna see the 'worse' pictures! hehehe, more of this type of stuff please :P Charley xxx