Friday, 18 November 2011


The Amato Spring/Summer 2012 Couture collection is nothing short of bizarre, extravagant and down right amazing!

The combination of luxurious gowns in decadent materials, with cyborg like accessories is stunning. The mix is unlike anything I've ever come across before, but it definitely works.

The organza gowns, many with lace detailing, where ethereal...moving with each model as she walked. Uber feminine and chic, they would have been stunning as a stand alone collection in themselves: however with the inclusion of rigid metal and plastic neck braces, the juxtaposition created took the collection to new heights!

Again, the colour palette was very feminine, in pastels and nudes...all of which where illuminated with the metal and neon lighting of the masks, giving the pieces an otherworldly atmosphere.

The cut of each dress created some gasp-inducing silhouettes, some of which look to be somewhat Mcqueen inspired... I love the 'It shouldn't work-but it does' combination of extremely feminine materials/colours with the harsh cuts and exaggerated shoulders.

Here are my favourite pieces from the collection. You can see the rest of the gowns (as well as the previous work of Furne One, Amato's creative director) over at the official website

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