Sunday, 6 November 2011


Ok, so my jaw quite literally hit the floor when I came across the work of American artist Peter Gronquist...His work combines some of my BIGGEST loves: Taxidermy, high fashion, weaponry and the blackest of humours...

His mounted animal heads, with gold/acrylic guns instead of antlers have left me drooling...The clash of gaudy weaponry with taxidermy just screams TACKY...But I've fallen head over heels in love with them. Its this kind of subversive sculpture that really pushes alllll my buttons! The irony of the neon-tube horned cow skull is brilliant, It could also be seen as a political statement about death and the food industry?

Anyway, judge them for yourselves!

Gronquist's designer gun series has crossed my path before...Again i love the gaudiness of the pieces, and I think their is a definite statement behind them, how war is glamorised in todays society. The way in which he has created a series of literal interpretations of this is awesome! Plus ive got a whole lotta LOVE the Fendi chainsaw!

You see more of Gronquist's work, as well as find out a bit more about the man himself over at his website

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