Tuesday, 22 November 2011


German artist Iris Schieferstein has created some of the most extreme footwear I've yet to come across...Regular viewers of my blog will know of my love for taxidermy and any artist who creates beautiful things from reclaimed animal carcasses...

Schieferstein creates shoes from cow hooves, guns, fur and other objects...resulting in controversial, yet  extraordinary foot-art. So controversial in fact, that in her home country of Germany, Schieferstein was threatened with a jail sentence for her 'obscene' work...

In an interview for Dazed Digital, when asked what attracted her to work with deceased animals, she had this to say...
My interest in using animals began in 1990. I was thinking about what we eat whilst I was preparing some fish. They are like garbage. They can’t eat or sleep or whatever. Then I started with chicken, because they look a little bit human-like. I started using them because of the nature of making and fixing, but also to create another material from the animals too. Of course, you could create them for a practical purpose, but for me it’s an artwork.

Although people may be shocked by her work, I think its a perfectly acceptable material to use. Hooves would normally be disposed of in an abattoire,  so why not use every last piece of the animal, even if it is for art? I see it as a celebration (albeit a morbid one) of the animals life.

Here are the heels that have caused so much controversy, make up your own mind!

You can view more of Schiefersteins work over at her official website iris-schieferstein.de

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