Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Mr Arora has once again hit the ball outta the park with his Spring/summer collection for Paco Rabanne. Not content with his own highly successful self titled collections, Arora was recently appointed as head designer for Rabannes ready-to-wear collections also.

Its good to see that Arora has brought his own energetic approach to design into the his designs for Rabanne, combining his signature futuristic cuts and use of metallic materials, with their signature streamlined dresses. The end results is undoubtedly a labour of love, and you can definitely see both of the fashion giants in the collection.

I think that the inclusion of Arora is a much needed step as Rabanne always seem to play It safe, with a lot of their collections blending into one another with nothing in particular standing out from the rest. A ready-to-wear collection is obviously supposed to be marketable...but their is a fine line between marketable and boring, a line which I feel Rabanne was in danger of crossing.

However just In the nick of time, Arora has swept in, creating a truly eyegasmic collection that has just the right amount of 'marketability' and avant-garde aspects to Its design that will not only sell, but will set tongues wagging for some time.

The collection was a futuristic triumph...dresses constructed from metallic reptile skin, HUGE foil collars, Treacy-esque headwear...The models where seductive, dangerous and fiercely dominant of the runway. The OTT collars reminded me of the Viktor and Rolf SS09 collection...a past favourite! There was plenty of unusual silhouettes and alien-like cuts to the dresses too which completely changed the figures of the models, something that again is much needed in the Rabanne household...

Anyway, here are my favourites from the collection...You can of course view the entire collection over at pacorabanne.com

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