Tuesday, 8 November 2011


The new jewellery collection from designer Maria Francesca Pepe is a hot mix of metal, crystal, semi-precious stones and crucifix's...And If I wasn't already loving this mix, the ad campaign alone would be enough to win me over!

The collection is an unusual one. Gone are the standard and simplistic rings, necklaces and cuffs. Instead: Huge beaded chokers with chains, OTT mirrored earrings and extravagant chain headpieces.

The collections style is elegantly seductive and seems to be somewhat pagan inspired...When looking into the inspiration of the collection a little more, turns out I wasn't far off...

''In 'POISON' Maria Francesca Pepe analyses the symbol of the serpent as it was known in Ancient Egypt and then re-invented in the seventies. It is the symbol of temptation and fatal attraction to pleasure, otherworldliness, everlasting beauty and of how all things perish and decay...It is tribal, luxurious, mysterious and ethereal''

 I love how the collection seems to be simplistic and hectic all at the same time...The clusters of chain and 
crystal are restrained somewhat by the simple colour palette of gold, turquoise, silver and gun metal.

The ad campaign itself is STUNNING. I love the use of snakes, it gives the images a dark atmosphere...seductive and dangerous, EXACTLY the kind of woman I can see wearing these pieces!

Anyway, here are some images of the collection. You can also see previous collections from Pepe over at her website mariafrancescapepe.com

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