Wednesday, 16 November 2011


The work of Dutch designer Rein Vollenga is firmly on the fence between art and fashion, he creates avant-garde and contemporary sculptures that are intended to be worn...although they would look just as good in a gallery!

The aesthetic of each piece is fluid and glossy, resembling a cross between insects and futuristic machinery: Dark, visceral and very fetish. I'm a huge fan of exo-skeletal/armour-like accessories, and this series completely blew me away!

Each piece is completely unique and will never be reproduced, with Vollenga saying...

 I also aim for every piece of my work to be a one off; I don’t reproduce anything. It’s really boring to do that, and another reason is that I like to review myself all the time. I also think that it benefits the piece itself when it exists alone and is the only one on earth, it makes it more special.

Vollenga also believes that his work is more sculptural art than it is fashion, despite being commissioned by some of the biggest names in fashion.

Here are the stunning images of the collection, I don't think the mood could be more perfect for the pieces!

Vollengas work caught the attention of Mugler front-man Nicola Formichetti, with him commissioning the artist to create a sculpture to be used as part of the AW11 ad campaign...The sculpture looks to be very Geiger inspired, with the figure being exaggerated and Alien-like. As a HUGE Geiger fan, I love it...

As an obvious fan of Vollenga, Formichetti then went on to commission him to create jewellery pieces for his AW11 collection also...

Here are some pictures from the runway, as well as some close up shots of the pieces themselves posted by Vollenga on his own blog.

To see some more of this amazing artists work, you can visit his official website and keep up-to-date with his blog!

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